New Energy Works, Pioneer Millworks, NEWwoodworks folks

Folks from each of our companies and groups gathered outside the porch of our Farmington, NY headquarters for a quick photo.

Welcome to our blog, a glimpse of the internal workings and details of timberframing, design, and woodworking!

Nearly three decades ago we started a small timber frame company. Today, along with our sister company Pioneer Millworks, we employ nearly 100 designers, timberwrights, engineers, craftspeople, and community members. We’re excited to bring viewpoints and ideas from our various co-workers and internal groups – we even have plans to post a few timber framing explanations (in laymen’s terms) from our engineers – to this space!

Together, our groups design and build some of the most lyrical and efficient timber frames in the industry, using reclaimed timbers, environmentally responsible practices, and state-of-the-art technology and software. Through the following weeks, months, and dare we say ‘years’, we’ll explore the pieces of the mortise and tenon puzzle, learn about design, and discover the art of fine woodworking through words and images from our folks.

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To kick things off, here’s a little editorial titled “It’s about the House” from Timber Home Living.

Our Farmington NY Timber Frame Office Raising

Back in 1997, with slightly fewer crew members, we raised the frame for our office in Farmington NY. We connected it to an old bowling alley which we converted into our mill and shop. Reuse: we live it and love it!