Spoiler Alert: 2013 Timber Calendar Preview

timber calendarFor the past few years we’ve been producing (in partnership with Timber Home Living) a yearly calendar. A flurry of work happens behind the scenes to produce a visually appetizing piece for each month. Right now we’re in the thick of 2013 design and photo gathering. Our department’s phones and computers are ablaze!

Timber frame calendar 2012


Often we raise the frame, enclose the structure, provide reclaimed flooring, and custom woodworking, but never have the opportunity to see the finished structure. We’ve been reaching out this week and we have a number of architects, builders, and photographers to thank for sharing their finished work with us. They’ll be duly noted in 2013.

Here’s a quick preview of a few places that may show up in the calendar. We’re excited to see in them in/near completion:

Wisconsin timber frame home

We raised the simple and clean lined trusses for this Wisconsin project in 2011. Situated on a 200 acre farm, the home reflects the surrounding agrarian style, but has a modern, open floor plan with expansive views created using advanced Eco-conscious, sustainable building materials and mechanical systems. Pretty neat mixture. We raised this with our friends at Traditional Carpentry and design partners Northworks Architects.

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Timber Frame Porches

This is the season of The Porch. I don’t think I’ve met a person that doesn’t enjoy relaxing on the porch. Porches are a bridge between inside and outside. They’re also a great way to add space to your home without a huge investment. Check out how much they can change the look of a home:

lakeside timber porches

Before and after. This cottage home’s lakeside facade is totally different thanks to quad post porches connected by a huge deck.

More good news: crafting a porch with timbers increases longevity of the structure. (They also give the space unmatched aesthetics.) Timber is versatile and can work with large decks and removable screens to modest cement pads as post and beam supported roof structures. Summer, Spring, Fall, and even “Winter” in some regions, these spaces act as extra rooms and get us all outside.

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