Barn Raising Time Lapse

After crafting the frame for a large barn in our shop in Farmington, NY, our timber framers traveled to Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina to raise it. Over 500 timbers and timber components make up the frame with those on the exterior featuring a custom stain. After a few days of pre-assembly the raising started and moved along quickly. Check out the big bents pre-assembled and stacked/organized as the central core of the barn goes up in this short video (below). Thanks to Josh at J.T. Turner Construction for the video!

Sneak Peek: Family Timber Frame Home in Honeoye Falls New York

Dan and Beth’s home in Honeoye Falls started with a desire for smartly sized space to accommodate their five-person family. They came to us with a love of wood and a successful, family owned forest business, WoodWise Land Company. The results: a home loved for its texture and character of design, and mix of materials. It feels modest and comfortable, yet it’s fairly large (about 3,000 sq ft).

Timber frame home exterior honeoye falls ny

Dan and Beth’s timber frame home in Honeoye Falls, NY features a broad and detailed expanse of stonework, from the chimney to this back patio. The combination of natural wood and stone materials create inviting spaces, inside and out.

Especially when you consider the three-story timber frame “party” barn next door that we also crafted. The barn is complete with second floor basketball court, balcony and catwalk cigar room.

Timber frame barn exterior New York

Adjacent to their family home, Dan and Beth’s party barn is perfect for gatherings, pick-up basketball, jam sessions, and of course, storage.

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