In Their Words: Sal and Jackie, Canandaigua, NY

Last week, we shared an article from Rochester Magazine all about Sal and Jackie’s timber frame project in Canandaigua, NY. This lakeside home is the second timber frame we’ve raised for a couple on Canandaigua Lake. It is crafted of reclaimed Douglas fir timbers sourced by Pioneer Millworks from the deconstructed 1930’s United Embroidery factory in New Jersey. The timbers were smooth finished and treated with oil to bring out the natural patina for a rustic, yet refined look. We recreated many of the details from the homeowners’ first home, including all interior doors, crafted from reclaimed wine vat stock. Other details include reclaimed oak flooring (also from Pioneer Millworks), a live edge island top, mantle/fireplace surround, custom built-ins for the great room and office, hand-crafted entry door, and bunk beds by NEWwoodworks.

Here’s what the homeowners Sal and Jackie had to say:

“Everyone we worked with at New Energy Works was warm and professional. We would not have the special home we have today without the guidance and workmanship of the wonderful N.E.W. teams. ”

Check out a case study written about the home here.





Environmental Benefits of Reclaimed Wood

Our sister company, Pioneer Millworks, recently tallied the impact of incorporating 2,200 sq ft of reclaimed paneling to a corporate project. The quick results: over 8 tons of waste was prevented from entering a landfill and 30 trees were saved. Below are a few highlights.

reclaimed antique barn siding turned paneling by Pioneer Millworks

Our sister company Pioneer Millworks’ reclaimed wood products are good for all of us and the planet.

From Pioneer Millworks:

“With our average material yield we would have started with about 4,000 BF of reclaimed oak boards and joists to produce 2,200 SF of finished material. (We defect for metal artifacts, rot, old joinery, and lengths under 18″. These pieces are recycled, going to our chipper to become wood pellets or to our clean-burning kiln which heats our building.)  By using 4,000 BF of reclaimed oak instead of fresh sawn oak the following environmental benefits were realized:

–  We prevented 8 tons of waste from entering a landfill which would have occupied 12.35 cubic yards of landfill space
–  Once wood waste is sent to landfills, the exposure to other types of waste may prohibit wood from breaking down. Instead, it may partially decompose and release methane gas – a type of greenhouse gas.
–  We saved approximately 30 trees (based on the Doyle scale) from being cut down
–  The 30 trees saved by recycling 4000 BF of wood can absorb as much as 945 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the air each year.
–  30 trees can provide a day’s supply of oxygen for up to 120 people.
–  The net cooling effect of  30 young, healthy trees is equivalent to 300 room-size air conditioners operating 20 hours a day
–  30 large trees can lift up to 3,000 gallons of water out of the ground and discharge it into the air in a day.”

reclaimed timbers for timber frame cottage

Our timber framers were careful to maintain the original hand hewn surface, mortise pockets, and peg holes in reclaimed agricultural timbers, sourced by Pioneer Millworks, for this modest cottage.

We’re working on a tally of our own to see just how many trees we save when we craft full timber frames and trusses from reclaimed timbers. We’ll be sure to share our results!

Sneak Peek: Family Timber Frame Home in Honeoye Falls New York

Dan and Beth’s home in Honeoye Falls started with a desire for smartly sized space to accommodate their five-person family. They came to us with a love of wood and a successful, family owned forest business, WoodWise Land Company. The results: a home loved for its texture and character of design, and mix of materials. It feels modest and comfortable, yet it’s fairly large (about 3,000 sq ft).

Timber frame home exterior honeoye falls ny

Dan and Beth’s timber frame home in Honeoye Falls, NY features a broad and detailed expanse of stonework, from the chimney to this back patio. The combination of natural wood and stone materials create inviting spaces, inside and out.

Especially when you consider the three-story timber frame “party” barn next door that we also crafted. The barn is complete with second floor basketball court, balcony and catwalk cigar room.

Timber frame barn exterior New York

Adjacent to their family home, Dan and Beth’s party barn is perfect for gatherings, pick-up basketball, jam sessions, and of course, storage.

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