Prototyping Beyond the Barriers with hsb3DPrinting

We recently teamed up with hsbcad and hsblabs to experiment with their new add-in for Autodesk® Revit® – hsb3DPrinting. The program enables you to decompose a Revit building model into logical, scaled elements, print them on a standard 3D printer, and then assemble the model by clicking or gluing the elements together. Here are the results of one of our residential projects in Central New York:

12628420_10153913711476602_3944998975129928450_o 12615341_10153913711711602_6647204435118622451_o 12473741_10153913711811602_8180000075862714473_o 12640318_10153913710951602_6318666463162315348_o 12604775_10153913712891602_9023459442151758343_o 12604808_10153913712966602_3468902438372408273_o