Modern in Pennsylvania

Designing a home for your parents? Charles Patterson was up for the task and created this modern, clean-lined timber frame home for his folks in Pennsylvania.

“It was quite a journey designing a home for my parents,” explained Chuck, AIA LEED AP at Schamu Machowski + Patterson Architects. “Timber framing was a contextual idea; we wanted a simple, clean, modern house but didn’t want to create something that was foreign to residential Pennsylvania. The rich warmth and scale of a timber frame or barn-like structure was logical to serve as the bones of the house.”

The streamlined form of the two-level home is highlighted with crisp exterior materials and tones. White oak timbers were the choice for this frame—they have a gentle texture and tones that grow warmer and softer as the wood ages. Desiring a natural look and feel, the timbers were left unfinished. The frame design eliminated traditional corner braces furthering the clean lines and allowing each post and beam to take center stage.

A few of the long lines were created with 12”x12”x26’ timbers, no small find when it comes to oak. A hardwood in the truest sense, oak challenges blades, bits, and muscles but remains beloved by many.

Raising day is always a momentous occasion as was true for this Pennsylvania home. Chuck said, “When the timbers arrived on a frigid snowy day it was quite spectacular to see the beauty of the crafted wood from New Energy Works being erected on site.”

Our thanks to Chuck as well as builder David Buckley Construction for bringing us this project.

In process in our timber frame shop, these oak timbers for this PA project are coded and ready for finishing touches.