Drake in the midwest

Drake Ambrosino with mandolin

Drake Ambrosino came up to me after I gave a talk about business practices at a Timber Framers Guild conference a few years back, wanting to represent our work, in the Midwest. It wasn’t a model we had been using, due to the intensity of communication and service to our clients. Up to that point, our sales approach was that everything sold happened within the context of our own engineers, architects and designers. It’s still mostly that way. At the time, we were DIS-inclined to take Drake on his offer. Yet, there was something about his honest, humble and thoughtful approach that was, well, comforting. Like that uncle in the story who everyone loves: smart, funny, willing to help, and quick to pull out his mandolin at the campfire. So we said we’d see…

spider_timber_frame_roof_system post and beam

One of Drake’s projects in Gordonsville, Tennessee included a timber frame roof system with four valleys joined to four posts, four pairs of rafters, and four pairs of jack rafters. This complexity earned it the nickname ‘spider’ in the shop and on the job site.

Today, Drake is embedded in our community, a good team member. And his projects are indeed rising all about the Midwest, and further. He works with the engineering team and  Dave Gruschow to develop the timber frame, and our west coast shop seems to be taking on the role of fabricating and raising with him, with recent projects in South Dakota, Tennessee, and Michigan.

timber frame barn raising MI

Done in a day. While working with our west coast timber frame crew, Drake sent us a picture at sunrise and another at sunset from a job site in Michigan. After a full day of work, the resulting timber frame barn spans 28′ x 42′ allowing room for a workshop, storage, and regular garage.

Says him, “Thanks for all the fine resources, great people, great product. I’m lovin’ the team effort. Kinda wish I’d called you all years ago!!!”  We’re glad you finally did, Drake.

Drake, Nancy, and baby Max, older cousin to Drake’s newest grandchild, Charlotte Lee.


Oh, and we really can’t talk about Drake and not mention his love of his extended family. He and his wife Nancy recently welcomed their second grandchild, Charlotte Lee. She is sure to be doted on just as much as her slightly older cousin Max.