High Efficiency Enclosure: A Prefabricated Wall System

Project enclosure systems are one of the biggest areas to benefit from high-performance building techniques, and there are several options: SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) and our Matrix & Matrix-S Wall system, to name a few. As we push for better envelopes and efficiencies with every project, we’re applying decades of experience in creating turnkey timber frame structures to crafting prefabricated wall systems.

“When you buy a car, no one shows up at your house with all the parts and builds your new car in your driveway, right? So why build walls on-site?” asked Eric, our Timber Frame General Manager.

A project’s design is further developed in building modeling software where potential problems can be identified and solved immediately, prior to fabrication and prior to being on-site. Redundancy assures accuracy: we believe in building it twice—virtually then actually. Creating these systems off-site allows for a climate-controlled environment, reduction in material waste during construction (off-site and on-site), and increases the efficiency/speed of site production. All while minimizing our coworkers’ time out of town.

“When you have a good 3D model, the outputs are nearly endless. We can study every angle; predict–and–solve potential issues before anyone puts hammer to nail. We’ve followed this method in timber framing for years and produced some seriously complicated frames. It was logical to apply what we already know to be a highly efficient methodology to prefabricating high-performance enclosures,” explains Eric.

“Equally great are the benefits of off-site production for our team. It allows them to work in a safer environment, lowers the risk of weather-related hardships, and decreases environmental impacts.”

It is impossible to have precision systems without high-quality components. Our prefabricated 2×6 walls are sheathed, can include Steico wood fiber exterior insulation, a rain screen detailed with tape and sealants, and pre-framed window and door openings. They are open cavity to allow for mechanicals and interior insulation material.

“Productivity in home-framing has shown dismal to no growth for years,” continued Eric. “We want to be part of changing that productivity and accuracy for our clients and for our coworkers.” The design and construction planning focuses on reducing the energy our projects consume, not only to the benefit of those enjoying the home but to the larger community and the planet.

Many systems will work together to create your highly-efficient project. From roof to walls, the pressure boundary is key. We want to have airtight, but vapor permeable systems. And we want it all to work together beginning with a detailed enclosure envelope. “We’ll keep pushing the envelope (no pun intended) and integrating new methods to make the best systems we can. Crafting high-performance components and projects plays a key role in our ethos of helping people and the planet.”

How can we help with your project? Or are you interested in learning more about our enclosure options? Send us a note. We’re a passionate group, always up for discussing building efficiencies.