Find the Beetle: McMinnville, OR

Where’s the beetle these days? As with most things these traditional tools have a lifespan… Needing to replace a beetle that had met its end, Mike W and Alexander crafted a new one from a reclaimed timber scrap in our McMinnville, OR shop.

Maintaining the original hand-hewn exterior gives this beetle a unique face. After a century supporting a structure, now the old timber will help us build new shelters. It feels a bit like closing the loop…not too shabby in a day’s work.


Freshly minted, this beetle looked very innocent on the bench. Mike showed it’s ferocity (and his!), displaying it with a more seasoned beetle:

These two will be headed to the next raising where the newcomer is sure to lose some of that bright patina of the freshly exposed wood as it ‘matures’. Thanks to Mike for the creativity and the photos!

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