Custom Crafted: NEWwoodworks Fine Woodworking

Earlier this year we talked about hardware that our our fine woodworking division, NEWwoodworks often uses. Today we’d like to share a bit more on the use of reclaimed wood by this talented group of craftsmen.

We like to say: if you can dream it, they can make it! Curving staircases that become gradually more narrow; displays with wooden double helix features; curved and arched doors; corner cabinets; end-cut tops; live edge steps, tops, stiles, and rails, to name a few – all crafted with reclaimed wood.

curved arched reclaimed oak doors

Crafted of reclaimed oak, these custom chapel doors are both arched and curved to match the curving exterior wall.

Reclaimed wood inherently has more character than fresh sawn, with ferrous staining, nail holes, deep patina, original saw marks, and high contrasting grain patterns. For our craftsmen access to Pioneer Millworks’ entire inventory of salvaged reclaimed and sustainable wood is no small advantage when searching for that one special board. Each antique board is hand selected and fitted for a one-of-a-kind creation.

douglas fir custom cabinetry

Tim and Laurie’s kitchen cabinetry was crafted from Douglas fir timbers that spent a century underwater as a canal lock. The wood carries signs of its previous life with mineral staining and tight grain patterns.

Part of the usual crafting process includes tracking each board. As part of the design a single plank will often flow from lower doors to drawers. Doors and tables of every variety are commonly crafted with bookended planks.

reclaimed beech cabinet front

Reclaimed beech flows from drawer to drawer in this custom desk. A good example of how tracking each plank allows for flowing, creative woodworking.

Our group has found that a little help from technology can be particularly helpful with complicated projects. Often a design will be hand sketched then drawn to scale in a Computer Aided Design program. From the CAD program “blueprints” of the piece are printed and used as a guideline as the project is crafted. We say ‘guideline’ because nothing can replace experience and talent that comes through years of handcrafting custom furniture and cabinetry.

curving reclaimed wood stairs

This custom staircase curves and tapers as it reaches the second level. Calculations in CAD, a small scale model, and decades of woodworking experience brought this masterpiece to life. (Crafted of reclaimed Douglas fir and industrial salvaged Jarrah.)

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