Celebrate Good Times! Gathering spaces for celebrations and collaborations.

The Lodge at the William Noah Allyn (Welch Allyn) Conference Center. Photo c Mary Buttoph.

As the change of seasons approaches with Winter easing into Spring, we’ve noticed our calendars filling with celebrations, conferences, benefits, and parties. The locations vary greatly in size and complexity, but all offer a sense of community, warmth, and growth—we’re excited for the experiences they’ll provide. All of this scheduling has inspired us to share your existing timber frame event spaces and take a look forward to what’s ramping up in community building spaces:


Winter created a shimmer of magic for a couple at Deerfield Golf & Country Club.

Timber frame trusses allow for capacious or cozy clear spans within a structure. A minor number of posts are required allowing for infinitely adaptable spaces to fit a variety of needs and offering uninterrupted views across the room (and across the dance floor)—minimal posts, maximum personal interaction.

At Tailwater Lodge on the Salmon River, hosting events at The Barn “you’ll discover how the glint of silver and the texture of rough-hewn beams combine to create an experience that’s as magical as it is unique”. See their 3D tour. Photo c Cylinda B Photography.

Of course vistas, or pockets of private spaces, can be intentionally framed by timbers.

Timber frame bents frame the more intimate spaces of Tailwater Lodge’s, The Barn. Photo c Cylinda B Photography.

There’s an inherent rugged elegance in timber frame event spaces, at times enhanced with custom finishes and metal details as was called for in Paul and Claudia’s extensive renovation and revitalization of Deerfield Golf & Country Club. Timber frame porte cohere and porches, where timbers were emboldened with a rough-sawn texture and rich color, aim to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for wedding parties, golf enthusiasts, and conference attendees alike. (A big congratulations to Deerfield as they were named Rochester ROCS Best Wedding Venue of 2017!)

The Deerfield Country Club venues are able to accommodate small or large gatherings in shelters spaces created by 16” x 16” Douglas fir posts and 12” x 12” beams.

Flexible in design and adaptable to many aesthetics, timber frame spaces we raised years ago continue to evolve. The expansive space of The Lodge at the William Noah Allyn International Conference Center has been host to dozens of educational and celebratory events for nearly two decades. This project remains one of the largest timber frames in New York crafted and raised by our team:

Reception ready, The Lodge at the William Noah Allyn (Welch Allyn) Conference Center. Photo c Mary Buttoph.

Daylight in The Lodge at the Welch Allyn Conference Center.

In the ’90s Bristol Harbour Lodge & Golf Club sought to expand and further develop into a “premier wedding and golf destination resort overlooking Canandaigua Lake in the heart of the Finger Lakes”. Through extensive collaboration, we raised and built the main entry, lobby, banquet room, and pavilion. Fast forward to 2016–the North East Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA), BuildingEnergy BottomLines, a synergetic group we’re humbled to be part of, gathered at Bristol Harbour beneath the reclaimed timber trusses of the original banquet room:

Industrial salvaged Douglas fir timbers frame the Bristol Harbor spaces in “rustic luxe style with Finger Lakes Farm to Table cuisine and sincere dedication to service which combine to create a one-of-a-kind destination for your celebration”.

While event spaces are often made to fit many, we’ve also delighted in helping to create special cozy celebration spaces. Their design, craft, and function is developed specifically with a big day in mind though these shelters continue to find use and produce memories for years to come:

Raised on an existing stone foundation, this timber frame pavilion was designed and crafted to host an intimate wedding outside of NYC. 

Some very fine vineyards and wineries across the nation have integrated timber framing into their tasting rooms, entries, eateries, and more. A long-time winery client, Bully Hill Vineyards has continued to grow and looking ahead to 2018 includes adding more timber frame components. Over the years a timber frame for their restaurant, entry, and pavilion have been incorporated. The restaurant extends the party outdoors as guests can transition to the pavilion directly from the banquet room. Also, a more modest timber accented conference space and second timber pavilion accommodate intimate gatherings with special same-day wine tastings and estate tours often available.


Bully Hill Vineyards iconic blue roof adorns the multiple buildings on-site.

Bully Hill Vineyards restaurant has seating inside and out overlooking Keuka Lake.

There’s more to come with Bully Hill in 2018! This year our design group is working on plans for a few new features at the winery:

Plans include new covered space created with a timber bent and purlins.

Earlier this winter sweeping glulam trusses crafted for a meditation hall in California were completed and are now being raised. We’ve heard that “the master is very pleased!”. At 60’ long and 16’ tall, these trusses will create a very open expanse with their shape meant to express a sweeping sense of structure and space, perhaps a bit like clouds moving across an overhead sky:
What else is in the future? Informal covered timber frame spaces, most commonly pavilions and party barns continue to hold popularity with our communities:

Proving we can have blue skies in the Winter, three bike shelters were raised in a prominent city park as part of a larger renovation.

An expanding vineyard has asked us to help reconfigure a timber frame we dismantled a few years back to create sheltered gathering space for their fans, friends, and families. We’ll have the whole story on reclaiming this reclaimed frame later this year!

From large and difficult to modest and detailed, these gathering spaces have come to life and become home to memories for a myriad of people. What events are filling your Spring calendar? If you’re hosting and thinking a timber frame might make your space, let us know. We’d love to share ideas.