Benedictine Brewery On Tap in Mt. Angel, Oregon

The Benedictine Brewery in Mt. Angel, Oregon. Photo by Loren Nelson

In November of 2018 we had a community raising for the Mount Angel Abbey’s Benedictine Brewery. One hundred volunteers gathered early, listened thoughtfully to a strategy introduction and a safety meeting, and got it done.

Of the people who showed up to help, about 50 or so were from Mount Angel Abbey, the monastery at the top of the hill where we were working. We had our team and timber framers from companies who are part of the Timber Framers Guild from all around come to help. (You can read about that amazing day in a previous blog post, and we’ve included the raising video at the end of this post.)

This season, the Brewery has been up and running with plenty On Tap. We’re excited to be working with them again, this time extending their covered outdoor space to accommodate and shelter more folks:

Located off the tasting room, the pavilion-style timber frame will be crafted with Douglas fir timbers and topped with metal roofing to match the existing Brewery.

If you get a chance to stop by you might just see the monks at work:

Photo by Loren Nelson

And if the weather isn’t cooperating for an outdoor gathering, the interior tasting room is always an option full of timber and wood where the elbows are:

The frame had a net total of 11,400 board feet of timber, 310+pcs, six bents (think of this as a truss, with legs), and a building footprint of 80’ long, 40’ wide, and 24’ to the ridge. The timbers themselves were sawn down at Hull Oakes mill in Monroe, and came from the monastery’s own forests.

Here’s a 4-minute video that shares nearly the whole raising day.