A Big Statement and Major Usability: Barn Doors

It is common that entry doors are welcoming and often specially designed and crafted. Barn doors and other big doors can be equally as special and additionally functional. Jay, door guru at NEWwoodworks, our fine woodworking division, has a special affinity for the challenge and resulting statement of big barn doors. “Arches, strap hinges, the visual and textural warmth of wood–it’s fun crafting barn doors that make a big statement and are unquestionably functional.”

Barn doors can be fully customized though they often follow tradition with plank, Z, double Z, X, double X, and framed styles using strap hinges or flat tracks.

The upper and lower set of doors make use of strap hinges on this Keuka Lake vineyard barn.

Flat track cedar doors allow access under the overhang of a timber frame barn in Upstate, NY.

“We’ve crafted a number of larger folding doors. Assembly can be tricky but the resulting open entries with neatly collapsed doors nested to the side is well worth the effort.”

Custom folding doors open to access an expansive stone patio where many parties and gatherings take place.

The upper level of a barn features a layered door system with folding pine doors opening to flat track hanging cedar doors.

Large folding barn doors await finishing touches in the NEWwoodworks shop.

We’ve all likely struggled with a large, heavy door on a building, a point Jay addressed: “With large doors we need to consider the weight of them, and the capacity of the hardware to handle the weight, plus how it’s attached to the structure. There’s also the way the door is constructed…knowing where its vulnerable spots are we engineering it from the beginning plans using integral crossbucks and mid rails as needed. This breaks the doors into smaller sections and mitigates movement to more manageable sized areas.”

These large barn doors were segmented with mid-rails and crafted using an inner torsion box wrapped with heavy wood wear layers.

“There is so much more character and story in wood than other other material. I find doors especially exciting as they’re a visual focal point, a finishing touch, and in the case of barn doors they’re meeting a need for expansive accessibility. I’m always looking forward to the next big door project.”

Are you considering including a unique craftsman-built door in your specifications? We’d be glad to brainstorm or simply chat about your needs. If you have a challenging project, no worries!

Our fine woodworkers are up for a challenge! These 3″ thick, arched doors crafted from brushed reclaimed Oak (shown here in process) for a Great Camp include the extra challenge of hinged gothic arched windows.